A powerfull Form Manager https://dze.io
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Form Manager

A powerfull Manager for all your forms

Table of Content


nothing difficult.
In you project simply run this command

yarn add @dzeio/form-manager


npm install @dzeio/form-manager



import FormManager from '@dzeio/form-manager';

const fm = new FormManager(document.getElementById("form"));
const am = fm.attributeManager; // The Attribute Manager

Add Modules

import RepeatInput from '@dzeio/form-manager/modules/RepeatInput'
import IgnoreAttribute from '@dzeio/form-manager/attributes/IgnoreAttribute';

// and/or attributes

// After adding modules/attributes run to reffect modules to inputs

Now You can launch any lines from below !

import { FMMode } from '@dzeio/form-manager'

// verify form validity
fm.verify(); //return true if valid else return false
// if it returns false you can use the variable under to see the first errored input

// submit your data to an endpoint
fm.submit("/api/dzeio", (ev) => {/* onloaded callback*/})

// get the json of your form

// fill form from URI
// datas MUST be in JSON (see getJSON for examples)

// same as before but you give the json from typescript

// change if you only see the form or edit them
fm.setMode(FMMode.ViewMode) // make form uneditable
fm.setMode(FMMode.EditMode) // Make form editable

// same thing as before but just for one field
fm.setModeForInput(FMMode.ViewMode, "inputName")
fm.setModeForInput(FMMode.EditMode, "inputName")

// Reset the form to it's defaults values

Modules & Attributes

You can create you own modules/attributes or use the builtin ones
See AbstractInput.ts to get started on module creation
And AbstractAttribute.ts for attribute creation

Builtin Modules

Module name Description
Datalist Manage the datalist better than ever !
Date Manage the date element
Repeat Make your fields repeatable !
Select Fix your Select

Builtin Attributes

Attribute name Description
data-autoset Update your value in realtime
data-default a better value than value
data-ignore make an input field not submitted
data-regex Verify you value via regex


Complete listing here