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# FormManager

A powerfull Manager for all your forms

## Table of Content <!-- omit in toc -->

- [FormManager](#formmanager)
- [Base](#base)
- [modules](#modules)
- [datalist changes](#datalist-changes)
- [date changes](#date-changes)
- [Repeat Element](#repeat-element)
- [TODO LIST](#todo-list)

## Base

to have the basic system just import `FormManager`

import FormManager from '@dzeio/form-manager';

const fm = new FormManager(docuement.getElementById("formId"))

from now on you can get datas by using `fm.getJSON()` fill by using `fm.fillFromJSON()` or `fm.fillFromURI()` verify datas with `fm.verify()`

## modules

Actually there is 3 modules included in the system _non of them are loaded_
each modules add new functionality to the form (see later)

to load a module:
//the three modules availables
import { FMRepeatInputAssignment } from '@dzeio/form-manager/modules/FMRepeatInput'
import { FMDatalistAssignement } from '@dzeio/form-manager/modules/FMDatalistInput'
import { FMDateInputAssignement } from '@dzeio/form-manager/modules/FMDateInput'

// add the modules to the Form

// reload the manager to use the new modules


you can customise how the module assign himself to an element by doing this:
input: typeof FMInput
classes?: string[] | string
attributes?: string[] | string
type?: string
tagName?: string
input: FMRepeatInput,
classes: "custom-class",
attributes: "data-custom",
type: "number", //for input
tagName: "div"

### datalist changes

the values for the datalist will not be the `value` attribute anymore but a `data-value` so the end user will see wht you wnt and not the value you want to send

even if you set `data-strict` the result value will only be set if it's from one of the option
if not set the value will stay set by what the user wrote
***ATTENTION if multiple `option` has the same `value` attribute the final value will be the `data-value` of the first `value`***

<input name="listing" list="list" data-strict/>
<datalist id="list">
<option data-value="value submitted" value="shown value">value subtitle</option>
<option data-value="value submitted" value="shown valuee">value subtitle</option>
<option data-value="value submitted" value="shown valueq">value subtitle</option>
<option data-value="value submitted" value="shown valuea">value subtitle</option>

### date changes

`FMDateInput` change the result type from a string to a `Date` object
and if `data-default` is set the current date will be set

<input type="date" name="date" data-default />

### Repeat Element

the Repeat element allow to add/delete multiple time the sames input(s)

***NOTE***_: actually the filling don't work but the rest work just fine_

<div class="fm-repeat" name="repeat-element"> <!-- container -->
<div class="fmr-template"> <!-- template container (won't show) -->
<input data-input type="text"/> <!-- data-input replace the name element -->
<!-- if there is only one input the name will be `testName[x]` with `x` being the index -->
<!-- if there is only multiple inputs the name will be `testName[x][index]` -->
<div class="fmr-del"> <!-- delete button container -->
<!-- future content position -->
<!-- EXample content from above
<input data-input type="text"/>
<div class="fmr-del">
<!-- future content position -->
<div class="fmr-add"> <!-- container for add button -->


more Listing [here](

- [ ] add `data-autoset` to autofill the input with data from another one _with `readonly` and `disabled`_
- [ ] allow filling of `FMRepeatInput`
- [ ] add `data-regex` for verification
- [ ] add `data-ignore` mainly for `data-autoset`

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modules/FMDatalistInput.ts Ver arquivo

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import { FMAssignInterface } from './../Interfaces';
import { FMAssignInterface } from '../Interfaces';
import FormManager from "../FormManager"
import FMInput from "../FMInput"

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"name": "form-manager",
"version": "1.0.0",
"name": "@dzeio/form-manager",
"version": "0.1.1",
"main": "./FormManager.ts",
"description": "A powerfull Form Manager",
"repository": {
"type": "git",